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Housework Guilt: Yes it's a Real Thing

How to handle the pressure of keeping a clean house

by Lizzy McGrory  |  2572 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Does this sound like you: You come home from work, have dinner time, play time, bedtime, and then...CLEANING TIME!

Ever find yourself going into automatic pilot at this point?  I only have to do this, this and this, then I can rest.  Why do we push ourselves like this?

For starters the retail industry makes organization look neat AND pretty.  Who can help themselves from wanting everything in it’s place especially when bins and containers look so lovely in those catalogs?

We own a lot of… stuff!  The more stuff we own the more successful we feel (cue the many bins of toys our kids just got for Christmas). 

TV shows are filled with gorgeous large houses without a spot of dirt or dirty clothes on the floor.  The homes do not look like “lived in” homes and are always ready for unexpected company.

No wonder we feel guilty if we go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.

How can you overcome housework guilt?

Memorize, say aloud, then repeat: Your home does not define who you are. 

I have been guilty of exhausting myself to have a spit spot clean house.  After the cleaning spree is over I often ask myself, “Why did I just do that to myself?  Again?”.  Yes, I feel accomplished, but my energy level is completely depleted.  I’m tired, irate that the house got as dirty as it did, and cranky.  Who does that benefit?

The other day we had unexpected company.  My house looked like someone had taken it, turned it upside down and shook it.  When my friend came in she said that she LOVED the mess and that it made her feel normal.

The reality is that without a live in housekeeper, like Alice in the Brady Bunch, our homes will be untidy and I’m OK with this.  I reserve judgment of my friends’ homes.  Truly.  This is what we are all afraid of isn’t it?  That friends and family will enter our homes and judge us.  So to pay it forward, I love my family and friends for who they are, not for what their homes look like.  I hope that you pay it forward, too.



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