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Play Nice: Helping Your Kids Develop A Social Life

by Sarah Honey  |  1601 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Not sure if you have picked up on this in my recent posts, but I can’t sit still.  My mind is always going a million miles per hour and I’m always doing something or planning my next activity.  Even when Little Dude was born, I was still on the go!  Even when I was sleep deprived I kept a schedule.  At home, I set up stations and would rotate Little Dude through them.  When Little Dude was about 2 months our social life began, and hasn’t stopped.  Even moving hasn’t slowed us down.  I’m just not one to stay in and stare at the 4 walls. 

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Developing Little Dude’s and my social life really wasn’t that hard.  With the Internet and local child publications you can pick up in the pediatricians’ office or a store,  I was always grabbing something!  There is so much information out there.  I joined a Mom’s Group in our community that a neighbor told me about and signed up for a playgroup.  The kids were 2 months and they were asleep most of the time.  It was more for me!  To go out, meet other mom’s, and connect, support one another.  I also went to free Mommy & Me classes through the hospital.  I met so many wonderful people and friends that I still have today.  Little Dude has friends from those classes that he grew up with, that he has known since he was 2 months. 

One of the hardest parts of moving cross- country was leaving those friends.  Before we moved, I had already done some research and found some classes and playgrounds.  The first week we were here, we went to story hour and had had a trial class at a play gym.  Keeping a schedule of activities I think helped him transition and helped us both meet people.  From those activities we’ve met moms and kids that we plan play dates with or have met up with for lunch or at the library.  I think it is great for both of us!  I can have adult conversation with other moms and he can have kid time and play with other kids. 

It can be hard to leave the comfort of the four wall of your home, but it is very worth it.  Moms need this and it’s good for the kids!  And most of all you create friendships.  It doesn’t matter if you are the quietest person in the room or the most out going.  When you walk in to that room or on the playground you are all mom’s following your kid.  And conversation has a way of coming out!  Take the leap!  Have fun get involved, and develop your kids social life!  

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