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5 Easy DIY Projects for End of Year Teacher Gifts

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As the school year comes to an end, it’s time to show appreciation to teachers for all their hard work. Here are five easy projects that your kids can help make to thank their teachers.  

1.   1. Does your teacher love flowers? Purchase a terra cotta pot that you can paint with your child by adding bright colors or a cute little message like “Thanks for helping me grow!” Don’t forget to plant a beautiful flower that your teacher will sure to love. 

2    2. Teachers want to relax this summer. Give them a beach bag filled with goodies. You can add summer items like flip-flops, sunscreen, magazines, sunglasses, or thoughtful notes written by your kids.

3.   3. Thank your teacher with baked goods by decorating a mason jar and adding the words, “Thank you for making me a smart cookie!” Choose your favorite cookies recipe to stock up the jar with delicious treats.  

4.   4. Keep it classic with an apple. Wrap the fruit in decorative ribbons and a note from your child saying how they think the teacher is the apple to their eye. 

5.   5. Homemade crafts can warm your teacher’s heart. Have your children create personalized cards along with poems and pictures on why they had a great school year.

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