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Games That Will Make Your Kids Smarter

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With the kids on break, we want to make sure that they stay engaged in learning and have their minds growing each day. Here are seven fun games that will make your kids smarter all-year-round!

1. Cranium

This popular board game is for all ages! Players break down in two or more teams. Your left and right side of the brain is challenged in four mini-games. Whether your kids are playing charades or spelling out words in “Cranium,” they will work together in teams as they learn more about various subjects.

2. Risk

“Risk” is an addictive board game that teaches you strategic skills. Two to six players take turns on a political map of Earth. The map is divided into 42 territories and 6 continents. The objective is to take over all the territories as you eliminate your players. Have kids take a little risk in order to win the world.  

3. Chess

Continue the tradition on teaching your kids on how to play chess. This classic game will have them learn logic, observation, memorization and many more skills. They might even challenge you to a chess game!

4. Scrabble

Keep the kids brain sharp with this classic word game. “Scrabble” will help them improve their vocabulary and spelling. Plan a game night for the whole family and see who can get the most points!

5. LeapFrog

Electronics aren’t all that bad for kids sometimes. LeapFrog is one of the best children’s educational games. There are a variety of products available from interactive books to learning tablets. Your kids will be able boost up their reading and spelling skills while being entertained by their favorite animated characters!

6. Monopoly

Many families consider “Monopoly” as an essential board game. Take turns while you travel around the board to purchase different properties. Make sure to play the traditional board game with paper money instead of those electronic credit cards! The kids will then be able to practice on counting money while having fun with the family. 

If your children took a foreign language in school, have them freshen up on their Spanish or French skills with this educational app. They can even learn a new language! The app is designed to award players points as they work on their verbal and writing skills.

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