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Easy Gift: Cake in A Jar

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Are you looking for a creative way to wrap baked goods? Surprise friends and family with these delicious cake-filled jars!

1. Purchase mason jars. Purchase a pack of 8 mason jars and wash them properly before use. They can be any size that you desire. Remove the lids and rings. Now, it’s time to bake the cake.

2. Prepare batter. After selecting your favorite cake mix, combine the ingredients in a bowl. You can include some more fun by adding food color drops in order to see these colorful cakes through the jars. Even try layering colors into a rainbow!

2. Pour batter in jars. Grease up the jars with cooking spray. Make sure the batter only fills half the jar to leave room for baking. Place the jars on a cooking pan. Follow your cake mix directions to see how long they should be placed in oven.

4. Boil the lids. In order to avoid any sanitary issues, throw the lids (not the rings) in a pot of boiling water. Heat until boiling. The boiled lids will also help seal the jars.

5. Remove cake jars and add lids. Double check to make sure that the cake is ready. Add the lids and let the jars cool. You might hear some “popping” noises that indicate that the lids are sealed.

6. Decorate them! Use your handy craft skills to add ribbons and strings to beautify the jar. You can even add a little note for the person receiving the gift. This quick cake in a jar is a great way to flavor up any baked good!

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