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Tips to Keep Your Summer Playdates Smooth

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It’s not easy to balance multiple playdates especially during the summer months. Plan ahead to avoid any stress. When you’re hosting the next playdate for your child, follow these valuable tips on making it a successful one!

1. Note any info. It is very important to have all the contact information for the guest, so you have a number to reach in case of an emergency. In addition, ask if the child has any food allergies or other specific health concerns.


2. Set ground rules. Even if guests tend to behave, you need to set a few rules for both your child and their playdate. Keep the list short. No playing in the parents’ bedroom or throwing balls in the house are a few examples.


3. Keep track of guest’s belongings. Don’t spend hours trying to find your guest’s shoes or worse, scrabble to find the child’s bag while their ride is waiting outside. Have everything they bring to your house near the door and notice if they brought any toys. They don’t want to leave anything behind – especially their favorite stuffed animal – when they go home.


4. Check in. Depending how old they are, you still want to keep a good eye on the kids every now and then. Ask them if need anything and make sure they are getting along.


5. Plan an activity. If the playdate will go on for quite some time, organize some fun brain games or crafts that will keep the kids preoccupied. You don’t want them to get bored in the middle of the playdate.


6. Feed them. Hungry kids can easily become cranky kids. Avoid any fights or tantrums by preparing them a lunch or a few snacks. If they’re behaving well, treat them with some delicious sweets like homemade popsicles!



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