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Take Time Between Babies To Reduce Risk of Preterm Birth

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Did you know waiting at least 18 months after your baby’s month could reduce the risk of preterm delivery? It’s true. NPR discusses why there’s an ideal time for parents to wait before trying to get pregnant again. Birth spacing is an important factor if a mother wants to avoid a premature birth.  

About 53.2 percent of mothers delivering premature became pregnant less than 12 months after their last birth, according to the International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. About 37.5 percent of mothers who waited more than 18 months gave birth before 39 weeks.

Spacing out pregnancies seems like a good idea if you’re hoping to go through a healthy birth with your next child. There are many factors when thinking about a woman’s risk of preterm delivery. Take in consideration of birth spacing, age and income when trying to make a decision to have another child and talk to your doctors about any possible risks.

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