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10 Quick Facts About The Pill

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We’ve heard about different types of contraception that help us in many ways. The birth control pill is used daily and contains hormones that changes our body. Whatever contraception you prefer to use, it is always good to educate yourself. We have 10 quick and surprising facts about the Pill for you.

1. It may increase the risk of blood clots. 

Birth control doesn’t cause blood clots, but it may increase the risk. Monitor your side effects closely and consult your doctor when not feeling well.

2. Taking the pill for a long time won’t make you infertile.

There have been myths that birth control will prevent you I ever having kids again. It’s okay to go on birth control between pregnancies. 

3. It lowers risk for ovarian cancer.

Previous studies have shown that the birth control pill can help your health. Ovarian cancer and other diseases usually occur later in life and many women who took the Pill more than 15 years had cut their risk for ovarian cancer by 58 percent.

4. Wait six weeks after you give birth before taking the Pill again. 

You should not intake that many hormones after giving birth to your child. Wait at least six weeks and perhaps consider on taking a mini pill to have a smaller hormone intake. If breastfeeding, talk with your doctor on which contraception would be best for you.

5. Don’t be terrified if you skip your period.

Depending on which birth control pill you are taking, you may experience some delays or missed periods. Irregular periods may especially occur if you are breastfeeding.

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