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Tips for Planning A Successful Staycation

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Planning trips during the summer can get pretty expensive. Why not try a staycation instead? There’s an endless amount of ideas to choose from and here are quick tips on how to plan ahead! You and the family can have a fun staycation right at home!


1. Leave work at home. You won’t have a staycation unless you promise yourself that you won’t do any work on your time off. Turn off your work phone to avoid checking e-mails. This quality time should only be spent with family. 

2. Take advantage of your town. Look online to see if your town has any local events! It would be fun to go to a festival or concert that’s only in town for a few days. See what type of museums, parks and beaches are in your area too. 

3. Stick to a budget. Even if it’s a staycation, you still don’t want to forget about your budget. Pack lunch to your day trips or even spend the day at home if you think of a fun idea!

4. Check the weather. There’s nothing worse than planning a day to the beach and arrive when it’s raining. Pay close attention to the weather. Always think of a plan B when things don’t exactly as planned.

5. Relax. Enjoy your staycation and don’t stress! No matter what happens, know that you are spending quality time with your family. Have a great fun-filled weekend with them! 

If you need more ideas, here are 9 summer day trips you can do with the family!  

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