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Family Fun: Backyard Movie Night

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Take advantage of your summer nights by watching a movie in your backyard! You’ll get fresh air and watch your favorite flicks with the whole family. Follow these easy steps to have the best outdoor movie night!


1. Pick a movie. You can’t have a movie night without the film, of course! Agree with your children on a movie everyone will enjoy. Parenting Magazine posted a slideshow with the 20 best family movies that are great classics.

2. Set up your movie theater. If you don’t mind bringing the TV outside on a clear night, this step is easy! Just don’t forget to use all the extension cords so the TV cord can reach that outlet!

3. Make snacks. Every movie theater needs the best popcorn and candy to make the night amazing. Even make delicious s’mores if you have a fire pit burning.

4. Get comfortable. Lay out all the sleeping bags, blankets, chairs and pillows! Your family needs the best seats for the movie.

5. Have fun. After all the planning, sit back and enjoy the show. You and the family are going to have a great night!



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