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Make Pizza On The Grill

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Grilling pizza had been a strange concept to us until we watched this tutorial video on Recipe4Living. Did you know that the best pizza is made in the hottest oven? The grill is your best option! 


You can easily use your grill when creating your very own thin-crust pizza. Here are four homemade recipes that you should try soon with a backyard grill:

Your picky eaters won’t complain about too much sauce with this recipe! There are only five cheeses in this pizza, topped with tomato and basil.

Be creative for breakfast by grilling pizza. Your favorite morning foods are used as toppings.

Pizza bagel bites are a family favorite, so we have to see how they taste on the grill. We bet they’ll be so delicious.

BBQ chicken pizza obviously makes the perfect candidate for experimenting grilled pizza! This pizza includes unique toppings that create a scrumptious taste. 

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