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Beach Themed Summer Birthday Bashes

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Do you have a child that has a summer birthday? Optimize the great outdoors by throwing them a beach themed birthday bash. We included a few tips on how the make this themed birthday party amazing.


1. Create surfboard invitations. If you’re feeling extra crafty, cut up paper with surfboards with all the party info. Don’t forget to include for guests to bring their swimsuits if you are having a pool party or water games!

2. Transform your backyard to a beach. You don’t have to go to beach to have this birthday theme. Instead, use beach balls and many bright colors for decorations. Our favorite idea is to have a hanging bucket filled with sunscreen bottles for guests!

3. Have lots of water games! Be creative when coming up with games for the whole birthday. From water guns to pin the fin on the shark, there are so many possibilities. You could even rent a sandbox for the backyard so the guests could make sandcastles. 

4. Serve a “sandy” cake. Before you start digging up beach sand, we’re actually talking about crushed graham crackers. Top your child’s favorite cake to give it that beach sand look. Add blue frosting for the ocean too! 

5. Give out cool party favors. End the party with a splash by passing out goodie bags for all your guests. Fill the bag with summer essentials from sunglasses to Swedish Fish that everyone will love.



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