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How To Choose A Good Baby Name

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Babies are a challenge even before they're born. Especially when you are a new parent, picking out a baby name isn’t easy. The Mother Nature Network recently posted an article discussing the most hated baby names. We assembled a list that gives you the best tips on how to choose a baby name that your child will not hate.

1.Don’t gender bend names. One of the most hated baby names is when a feminine name becomes masculine or vice versa. Examples include “Madison” and “Addison” that don’t seem to sound right for a boy name.

2. Have it be easy to spell. Nothing is more confusing when a name like “Kaitlyn” or “Caitlin” has various spellings. Find a name that won’t easily get misspelled.

3. Don’t have it sound so similar or generic. You don’t want to have a name that’s so simple! Be a little more unique and avoid the popular baby names. Don’t have your child be the third “Emma” in her class.

4. Be weary when choosing relative names. We love when a child is named after a relative, but you could always give them a more modern nickname. A little boy doesn’t want to be called “Hubert” everyday of his life.

5. Pick a unique name that’s easy. Parents want a name that’s beautiful and different. Don’t fall for the stereotypical crazy celebrity baby names. We have enough weird names like “Apple” and “North” in this world. You don't need to pick a name that's way out there.

Most importantly, take time to find a perfect name that you believe that the baby will love too.

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