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How To Avoid Bug Bites

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Bugs can really be a big buzz-kill when you want to spend your summer outdoors. There’s nothing more irritating than dealing with bug bites! We put together some quick tips on how to naturally. If you still manage to get some bug bites the next day, try these home remedies to get rid of the sting! 

1. Eliminate standing water. Clean up your backyard and make sure there is no standing water in buckets or old tires. The water is a necessity for mosquitos to lay their eggs. We don’t want to have more mosquitos in our backyard! 

2. Wear neutral clothing. Bright colors attract any bug’s attention. You might want to stick to wearing beige colors if you plan to spend quite a lot of time outside. At least neutral colors are in this summer!

3. Use a bug repellent lantern. Turn on the lantern if you have some company over. The electronic light helps to lure bugs away from you.

4. Drink iced tea. Avoid any sugary drinks like soda because that only causes more bugs to fly in. Sorry, kids! Drink ice tea and less bugs will fly in your drink.

5. Don’t wear strong smelling perfumes. Any scented perfumes or colognes are probably not a great idea to wear outdoors unless you want to have swat at bugs all night.



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