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What? Me work?

A Speak Your Mind essay

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Have you become less ambitious about your career and personal goals after having kids?

Personal ambition....

I never really had either. I had vague aspirations to be a published and working poet (and no, that isn't a contradiction in terms) but I never saw myself as a CEO of a company or anything. At best, I wanted to open stores that catered to us "larger ladies" by didn't assume we were either 400 years old and wearing tents or 18 and dressing like teenie boppers. Even then, I wasn't totally behind.

I'm like a superhero, without the powers or motivation really.

I've been working for the same company for 6 years, 2 years before kids, and I like my job. I've held many different roles at the company, and I enjoy the change, as well as the intellectual stimulation provided, without the ton of stress or responsibility. Prior to kids, I was able to work longer hours, which was great, but I never had any dreams of running the place. Who needs phone calls at 3am because something isn't working?

I impact customer satisfaction where I work, which is a HUGE deal for me. Becoming a parent has helped me realize that my heart lies in making someone happier, even if it's just in a small way. Now I aspire to find better ways to do business within our company, rather than trying to find the best new idea. Work smarter, not harder, that sort of thing.

I do want more - after the kids are older. I want my degree so I could progress a little farther in the company in a few years. But right now? I have a great boss who allows me to be flexible, and who trusts me and values my opinion and skills.

I'm right where I want to be at the moment.

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