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Origami Crane

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Utilize a dreary day to master this classic origami craft! The paper crane can be a difficult craft to master, but it’s totally worth it. Buy plenty of origami paper for trial and error.Materials:

  • a perfectly square piece of origami paper


  1. Begin with your perfect square piece of origami paper. Fold one edge to meet the other, like you’re making a hotdog.
  2. Open the paper up and lay it flat. Repeat step one, but fold paper in the opposite direction. After this, open up the paper once more.
  3. Fold paper diagonally to make a triangle shape; line it up corner to corner.
  4. Open paper up again and repeat step 3, but in the opposite direction. Open the paper up again.
  5. Lay the paper with the opposite side up. Bring the side corners in, as the top corner comes down as well. You should be left with a folded square.
  6. Make sure the open side is point towards the left. Fold one corner of the square. Make sure the edge is lined up with the centerline.
  7. Repeat this with the other flap.
  8. Flip the paper over and repeat step 7 for the other two flaps. You should have what resembles a kite.
  9. Fold the top flap down. Form a hard crease. Fold paper the same way, but the opposite direction.
  10. Open one side and lay paper flat.
  11. Lift top flap on the open end of the paper and fold it upwards. Bring sides in and lay flat. This should resemble a diamond-shape.
  12. Flip paper over and repeat steps 11 and 12.
  13. Fold one flap in so the edge lines up with the center line of your paper. Repeat this for the other flap.
  14. Turn paper over and repeat step 14 for the other side.
  15. Fold one side over and lay it flat. Follow by folding the top flap on the open end. Make sure the tip of the lower flap hits the upper flap. Fold the two flaps over and repeat this process for the other side.
  16. Fold one flap over, and follow by folding the top flap down.
  17. Flip paper over and repeat step 16.
  18. Carefully, invert fold one of the upper tips of paper to form the crane’s head. Pull back the other tip to create the tail.
  19. Very carefully, pull the wings apart to form the crane’s body.

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