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Journaling Your Way to Wellbeing

Five ways to journal to improve your health and sense of wellbeing

by Meri Raffetto RD, LDN  |  2520 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

5.) Kids' Funny and Endearing Moments. I love the idea of keeping journals for your kids. They do the funniest things and we so easily forget all the great moments. Keep a journal for your kids that include the date and funny things they did, sweet moments, or those "baby's got attitude" days. This is fun for them as they get older to read about their own journey.

Give it a try! Any type of journaling can help you to feel better and be a major contributor to living a healthy lifestyle.

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Meri Raffetto is a Registered Dietitian, and a columnist for Work It, Mom! and the founder of Real Living Nutrition Services, an online weight loss program that empowers people to make small changes s

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  • Great article! I love journaling but lately I have stopped as I developed this fear that someone will read what I say, either in a hand-written journal or online. I once used to have a couple online journals and then stopped keeping them because I just didn't have time anymore to write at the end of the day. You've inspired me to start again! Thanks for writing!!

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