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Add Some Good Food to Your Daily Grind

Easy ways to sneak in nutrition

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I often see “eat more healthy foods” on working moms’ lists of goals and, believe it or not, many weeks of the year it is on this dietitian’s goal list, too. It is easy to get into a junk food rut, or simply not find the time to get to the store to stock up on fresh produce and healthy snacks (or the kids beat you to them). But with a little strategy in place, you can eat more healthfully.

These easy examples work even if you haven't haven’t been to the store in a week:

1.) Go get an apple, core it, slice it, put it on a plate for yourself instead of for your kids.

2.) Take a 10-minute break: Boil some water and steep some herbal or green tea, peel an orange, sit down and enjoy them both. Breathe.

3.) Put some chilled, raw baby carrots in a bowl and keep them nearby while you work so you can snack healthily any time.

4.) Fill a large water bottle with ice and water; keep it with you through the afternoon or in the car when you run errands to avoid sipping on sodas.

5.) Get up 15 minutes earlier (or, if you work at home, begin working 15 minutes later), and make a bowl of oatmeal. Use the quick oats -- just microwave with water for two minutes, pour some fat free or low fat milk on top, add a sliced banana and one tablespoon of brown sugar or maple syrup. Can you say “comfort food”?

6.) For dessert, make a yogurt smoothie: Blend cup of your favorite low-fat fruit yogurt with a fresh banana or some frozen berries. Add low fat milk if needed, and you've got a smooth and creamy dose of calcium.

Don’t waste another day; take time to eat something that is good for you right now!

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Rust, is a registered dietitian who provides online weight loss counseling as a licensed provider for Real Living Nutrition Services®. Go to for more information.

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