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Everything You Need to Know about What to Pay Your Nanny

Several factors can affect the salary

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Another factor that could raise a nanny salary is anything extra that she brings to the table. Does she speak English fluently? Does she know CPR and first aid? Is she a specialist in something that she could tutor children in (math, science, a foreign language)? All of these things can contribute to a higher salary -- and are likely worth paying the extra fee.

What If You Can't Afford the Nanny You Like Best?

So what does a family do if they find a nanny they love and want to hire but they find her salary range to be higher than they expected? In a case like this, the family could try to bargain with the nanny, offering her extra services in trade for a slightly lowered hourly or weekly rate. For example, a dentist could provide free dental work. In addition, some families share their nannies, splitting the cost of the nanny's salary. The family could also offer extra perks to the nanny, such as extra time off, use of the family car, or use of a second home. In this way, the nanny feels that she is still valued but may be willing to negotiate to a lower weekly or hourly rate.

It is very important to investigate nanny salaries before you begin interviewing candidates so that you know ahead of time what you can afford. Knowing about a nanny salary first also gives you the ability to bargain with your ideal candidate if you cannot afford the top of the range by offering additional perks or trades. If you base your salary offers on where you live, the nanny's experience, and additional benefits the nanny can offer your family, you're sure to find the perfect candidate.

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Steven Lampert is the president of eNanny Source, an online nanny service that brings together families and nannies.

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  • This is great. As a former live in and live out nanny and a nanny employer (oh, how things come full circle!!), I agree with this article. There are so many considerations and this covers many of them.

    I need to point out, however, that it is great for a nanny to come with first aid and CPR training but if said training lapses or isn't there then the employer should pay for it, ESPECIALLY if the feel this is the nanny they want. It a very small investment with a possible HUGE payback.

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