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10 things childcare providers want parents to know

Tips and tricks for making childcare work

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We're in this together

Parents and providers should work as a team to raise your child. Communicate as much as possible about current phases, behavior issues, new skills, new food likes or dislikes, and anything else that is important to your child's happiness and development. 

Some things take time

It may take up to three weeks for a child to adjust to a new environment. Keep this in mind when starting or changing childcare providers. Work with the provider to help make the transition as easy as possible for your child. Be supportive and comfort your child. Your child may be a little extra cuddly when starting something new. Help them know that everything will be ok and they'll be off and playing in no time. 

Getting a good start

Start your child off right with a clean diaper and a full belly. No provider wants to be greeted with last night's diaper. Talk with your provider to see if they will give your child breakfast or if your child should have eaten before arriving. Help your child get a great start to their day by having them ready to go when you drop them off. 

It's the little things

Make sure your child is stocked with all the little things they may need through the day - diapers, wipes, mittens, hats, socks, favorite toy, etc. Talk with your provider and make sure you both agree on what the parent sends with the child and what the provider provides. It's often easier to leave a supply of diapers and wipes at your daycare. That way, if you send one too few diapers with your child, your provider isn't left in a difficult situation. 

It's just a little sniffle

Balancing work and a child is hard. Balancing work and a sick child is even harder. If your child is sick, keep them home. One runny nose at the beginning of the day often means runny noses for all the kids in care by the end of the day. Medicine often only masks the symptoms and your child can still get the other children sick. Your provider and the other children's parents will thank you for keeping your sick child home. Even though you may have to miss work, enjoy the extra snuggles and cuddles and know that being comforted by mom or dad will help your little one get healthy. 

 I thought we had a meeting

Please keep the appointments you make. This is especially true for new parents who schedule appointments to interview potential providers. If for any reason you are unable to make it, or you found another provider, please call and cancel your appointment. Working in a meeting around the schedules of a several children is hard, and it's courteous to let the provider know you won't be coming, so they can adjust their day and their schedule. 

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