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Considering Becoming a Nanny?

Learn how to make your interviews safe and successful

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6.) Use all of your resources. Sometimes, the simplest things can give you the most information. Before your nanny interview, go online and search for the family's name – you may find out some interesting and helpful information, both good and bad. You can also do more in-depth searches about the family, the address where they live, the professions of the parents, and more. Take note of anything that concerns you, and either discontinue the hiring process or make notes to ask questions.

In addition, check online nanny listing sites to see if the family has a profile. If they do, you can gather more information from what they have included in it. Does the tone of the profile sound friendly or professional? Does the tone instead sound confrontational or difficult? Gather as much information as you can about the nanny position from what the family has made available.

7.) Choose an appropriate location. If you do not want to go to a family's home for the first nanny interview for any reason, you can request that you instead meet in a more public area, such as a restaurant or a shopping mall. You can then set up a second nanny interview at the family's home at a later time. The fact is that you are a stranger to the family as much as they are strangers to you, so they may appreciate your concern and caution. This step may not be necessary, but it is good to keep your options open.

8.) Ask questions. At your nanny interview, remember that you will be working closely with this family as their nanny. Therefore, don't be afraid to ask questions about the family and to listen carefully to their answers. If you feel uncomfortable about any of their answers, or if they hesitate before giving you some information, then you may want to reconsider working with them.

The first time that a nanny candidate meets with a family for a new job can be exciting and enjoyable, but it is always important to put safety first. If you are careful about who you are meeting and where you are meeting them, you can ensure that you will be comfortable and safe. Then, you can focus the nanny interview on asking the important questions about the job and learning more about the family with whom you will be working as you begin to form a relationship that hopefully will last for many years to come.

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Steven Lampert is the president of eNanny Source, an online nanny service that brings together families and nannies.

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