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Overcoming Obstacles, Challenges, and Disappointments

Tips to help you find success

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Focus.  The Law of Attraction tells us that we get what we focus on.  To successfully achieve our goals, we need to focus our attention on the goal.  Without a clear focus, it becomes easy to get distracted and thrown off course by challenges or obstacles.  This means you should have clearly defined, written goals to work from.  These written goals will help you identify the most important steps you should take.  If you find yourself distracted or off course, refocus on your goals.

Visualize the results.  Visualize what success looks like for you.  By keeping this visual in your head, you convince your mind that it is true.  The more you see yourself as a success, the more your mind will work to actually put you into that picture.  Because you know what the end looks like, you will work through all of the obstacles and challenges that you encounter along the way.  Seeing your success is a very powerful tool.

Positive support system.  Having a positive support system can help tremendously when you are faced with difficult situations and feel like giving up.  Before you start out on a particular goal or venture, enlist your support system.  These are the people that will be your cheerleaders on the way to success.  Use them to discuss your obstacles, challenges or disappointments.  At the very least, they can lend you support by listening to help you find your own solutions.  Or they could brainstorm solutions with you and help you get back on track.

Success does not come easy or happen overnight.  There are often many obstacles, challenges, and disappointments along the way.  Preparing yourself for these challenges will better position you for ultimate success.  Remember, in the words of an unknown wise person, that "Yesterday's failures are today's seeds that must be diligently planted to be able to abundantly harvest tomorrow's success.”

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