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The Effortless Fire

A Speak Your Mind essay

by Michelle Anderson  |  2786 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

What do you do to maintain (and put the spark in!) your marriage or relationship as you juggle work and taking care of kids and other responsibilities?

I think that this is something that I struggle with.

When I get under a lot of stress, instead of going to my husband for support I tend to shut him out. And knowing that I do this does not give me the ability to change it. I juggle work, marriage, school, and kids. When it gets to be mid-term or finals time, I get really frustrated with my husband; it is almost like I resent him for bothering me with his problems at that time. When it is over, I appologize and we are okay until the next one.

We talk about doing things to help keep the spark alive, but it is mostly talk. I think it is because the spark hasn’t ever died for him. I can be mean and rude and unappreciative, but it doesn’t matter, he still loves me the same. I guess I am lucky in that sense, and unlucky at the same time. When I need extra effort or a little romance he doesn’t understand since it's not something that he needs.

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