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Social Media As a Small Business Networking Tool

Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be more than just social outlets

by Mary-Frances Main  |  5287 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

There are many other social medias out there, for people who work at home, moms, dads, single people, and people with lots and lots of specific interests -- music, books, crafting and more. Those are great if you're networking among a specific group of people or if you just like finding people who have the same interests as you. Whichever one (or ones) you choose, get out there and go public on the Internet! It's fun!

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  • Great article! I also found that MySpace wasn't the best place for me to try to do networking or advertising for my business. I've just registered for a Facebook and LinkedIn account - we'll see how it goes.! =)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Work at Home Bliss on 12th October 2008

  • Hi Mary-Frances,

    Very nice overview of the most popular social networks. A week ago, I met with a guy from Facebook who covers Chicago and I was surprised to hear that lately, the majority of the Facebook users are over 35 years old... not the college crowds anymore. Facebook's privacy settings are nice as well -- it looks like Facebook's master mind is quick at learning from its own mistakes.

    Keep writing nice and useful stuff!


    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lorena on 18th March 2008