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Exercising After Baby

Get your sexy back!

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2.) Join a “Mommy and Me” exercise class. Check out your local hospital or pediatrician to find classes. These are a great way to bond with your newborn and fit in much needed exercise time for you. A win-win situation for both parties!

3.) Create a library of exercise videos that are different lengths so you’re already equipped for when you find unexpected time.

4.) Perform exercises while you’re doing daily activities. Pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises) can be done anywhere and are very valuable for achieving a strong, stable pelvic area, which is usually lax due to pregnancy hormones still present (especially if you’re breastfeeding).

Exercise safety tips

1.) Invest in a good support bra. Your breasts are going to be larger than normal from the milk production and will need a lot of extra support.

2.) Be careful of high-impact sports due to lax pelvic ligaments and joints left over from pregnancy. This is why core abdominal work is key after pregnancy preventing lower back and joint injuries.

3.) Make sure you drink lots of water to replenish yourself, especially when breastfeeding.

4.) Listen to your body. If you’re feeling tired, go easy on yourself. Try not to push yourself until you feel ready.

5.) If you start to feel light headed and nauseous, or notice a change in the color of your vaginal discharge, consult with your doctor. You may be exercising too strenuously.

I recommend Pilates for core conditioning and weight training and cardio for weight loss. Try to fit two to three times a week of cardio activity (walking, running and hiking) for 30 to 45 minutes and general body conditioning at least three times a week.

Enjoy this amazing time with your baby. You have created the miracle of life. A little extra weight is a small price to pay for a bundle of joy. Be patient and your body will be back to normal in no time.

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Tracey Mallett ( is an internationally-recognized certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. She is the author of "Sexy in 6: Sculpt Your Body with the 6 Minute Quick Blast Workout." Tracey is the creator and star of the "3-In-1 Pregnancy System," for pre- and post-natal mothers. Her newest videos are "Renew You" and "Super Body BootCamp." A proud mother of two, Tracey, now lives in Los Angeles.

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