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The Newest Trend in '08: Mentor Panels

Target people who can help you hit all the angles -- career, job, life.

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5.) Pick someone whose philosophy of life you admire. This may be the most important item of all, because this person can help guide your general approach to life and all the questions you encounter within it. It may not be someone you have known all your life and it may be someone who reveals him/herself to you through a brief conversation. I discovered my “philosophy of life” person over coffee when she told me that when she finally found the man she was to marry, she wrote thank-you notes to all the men that had mistreated her over the years because every one of them in some way had brought her to this decision, which she considered to be the best of her life. Your “philosophy of life” person may show you life in a whole new way, if you are paying close enough attention.

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