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Should You Be Friends with Co-Workers and Employees?

It may be better to be friendly without getting too close

by Ruth Haag  |  11382 views  |  1 comment  |       Rate this now! 


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Ruth Haag ( helps managers and employees understand the dynamics of the work environment, and how to function smoothly within it.

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  • interesting perspective. maybe men are different? i work with men and in the past have been friends with those who worked under me. i agree that there should not be favoritisim but i was also able to get someone to work HARDER because i knew what they were really capable of and could call them on it. I also know of men in my office that are vaious levels of management/employee that actually play poker together! They all know that work is work and social is social. The two do not influence one another. I think the key here is to know those who you are talking to and that someetimes the line is in different places depending on the person.

    As a general rule i agree with this article, but there are often times it just apply in the 'real world'

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 19th March 2008