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Common Sense: The Collection of Prejudices Acquired by Age 18

Maybe Einstein was right

by Lorena  |  1749 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

company who will host your website, the big idea, the competition, the features, the featured product/news, information vs. on-line commerce, architecture, navigation, key words, design, copy, search engine optimization, website optimizations, Adwords, etc. etc. etc. Be sure that you guide your customer step-by-step through the entire process and, after you deliver your project, be certain that they know what to expect next.

There's much more to effective communication, but this is a wonderful start!


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Lorena is a VP Director of Marketing who calls herself a marketing communications addict with an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to relentlessly learn and do great things.

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  • Wonderful article! You convey your thoughts in a clear (makes sense given thought #2) manner which speaks to the average person. I cannot stand words like meta-tag, I am NOT a web designer and do not fully comprehend the how/what of them. If more people used clear word choices I would be more likely to grab on and fly with it! Thanks for sharing!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Yes, Mommy has to work today on 20th March 2008

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