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Fridays Off At Your Current Job

Three New Ways to Work

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There are three variations of the usual flexible work arrangements that give you 26 to 52 long weekends a year—with little or no pay cut.

Imagine having enough time for family outings, time for community activities, time for leisure and recreation, weekend getaways or mini-road trips. “Fridays Off” flexible work arrangements are the way to get you there.

1. Work 32 hours every other week

(72 hours in two weeks = 10% cut in hours; 10% or less* cut in pay)

Enjoy a 3-day weekend every other week, all year round! This small-step route to reduced hours can be an easier “sell” than a three- or four-day workweek request if you have an especially demanding job or manager. After a successful few months, ask for more; the next step could be 32 hours every week.

2. Work four, 9-hour days a week

(36 hours a week = 10% cut in hours and pay)

This is a variation on the 40-hour compressed workweek. Imagine what you'd do with an extended weekend every week.

3. Work four, 9-hour days a week in the office and four hours from home on Friday mornings

(40 hours a week = no cut in hours or pay)

Okay, admittedly Friday isn't all yours, but there's no commute and you'll get a good jump on the weekend by noon!

For specific how-to techniques for each of these Fridays Off strategies, follow the links found at and start enjoying more long weekends.

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