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How to Date if You Have a Toddler, an Infant, or Both

Having a company that lets you have flexible hours is a start

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When I was 19 (and wore a size 2) I used to date.  You know, a movie date with John on Friday, a tailgate party with Mike on Saturday, and maybe a study date with Adam on Sunday.  Yes, the college years I dated casually. Back then, my biggest dilemma was what to wear for these dates.  But, with college graduation came post-graduate work and post-graduate dating.  I’m sure you understand -- dinner and a movie, the art museum, a jazz concert, the types of romantic and whimsical things you do when you are courting with your future spouse. 

And now, five years and two babies later, I still date regularly all right -- I have play dates. If you’re a mom with a young family I’m sure you understand. The little angels run around at full speed from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m., if I’m lucky!  (They recharge during naptime from 2 to 4 p.m. sometimes!)  The only time I get to interact with another human whose vocabulary has more words than “cookie” and “juice” is when the little angels have other little angles to run around with.  We’ll put all of our toddlers in same room together on a play date, leaving us time to discuss important grown-up things -- the newest crock-pot recipe, why Spongebob is no longer an approved TV show at our house, and, most importantly, Weight Watchers versus NutriSystem.  The little girls and I head home after lunch and they take a good nap. Yeah!  I go to my office and work for an hour or so, then toss those items in the crock pot for dinner before the girls wake up. 

This is typical day for me in Toddler World.  The biggest crisis I faced this week was when I decided to work for 20 minutes on the computer outside of the girls’ naptime, and my little angel popped off 14 of the letter keys from my laptop’s keyboard when I ran downstairs to let the dog out. (You don’t think she was jealous do you?)  Luckily, Dell and Legos are designed by the same person, so I popped them right back on and got the real Legos out for both of us to play with.

And then I smiled, realizing how good I really have it.  I found a company that respects and understands the overwhelming demands on young moms.  Many young moms have a full-time 9-5 job and another full-time job of managing a household and raising a family.  My company knows that I have a demanding, busy toddler so they made an automated, turnkey system that leverages my time and does most of the muscle work for me.

This way, I can spend time at places that are important to my family: The park, the library and the children’s museum.  And guess what else? This weekend I have a HOT date -- with my husband!

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