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What I Hope America Hears In Obama's Speech Today

Yes we can!

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Our open denouncement of this man's anti-American sentiment of race and discrimination reminds me a lot like the American sentiment on homosexuality -- a taboo subject that was thrust into the public forum for discussion by way of the AIDS epidemic and the fears and prejudice that it personified for most average Americans. It made people have to confront the elephant in the room, and it served to make or break them about their feelings on homosexuality and it's dicotomy in American culture and the church.

Ultimately, it made them come together to collectively decide if they were going to be consumed by their fears or stand up and do something about defeating the disease that was ravaging a religiously condemned people. It made them realize that gay people were people like all of us -- a people who deserved to be loved with the same forgiving, unconditional Christian love that we learned about in Sunday school and demanded from each other.

It was another opportunity for us to love the way we wanted to be loved. Much like this situation with Rev. Wright who represents another "imperfect" human being who was raised in a day and time when racim, segregation, and discrimination was very real and created a deep seated feeling of outrage. Outrage that was carried with him to the pulpit along with his deep seated conviction to love and help poor people like Christ -- unconditionally.

We now owe that unconditional Christian love back to Barack Obama and Rev. Wright, just as I did to my father when I found out he had AIDS and was secretly gay, although it was against every Christian tenet for righteous living I had learned about in Sunday school. This is what makes us human and Christian all at the same time -- sin and forgiveness. This is our blind duty to one another -- the colorless, race-less, religion-less duty we owe back to one another now as we move forward to grasp onto the change we say we so desperately want.

These are the reasons that makes me and Obama and all bi-racial children the right catalyst for this change. We were designed as the embodiment of this type of change: A unique people who were now ready and able to blend this black-and-white perspective into a collective caleidoscope to then show others how to love unconditionally regardless of race, creed, nationality, religion, mental instability, sexual preference, political party, handicap, gender, sex, or human condition.

This example shown to me by my mother and surrogate father solidified and exemplified my mother's message of hope for this country -- the same hope that Obama speaks of. The same hope I completely identify with. Through my mother's love for me, I was able to understand her call of duty to my life as a catalyst for change between the races when I found out my father's secret gay lifestyle through watching his physical health deteriorate from AIDS and I was left with a Christian dilemma much like the country is in now with its current political dilemma.

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  • This was wonderfully written, and a reminder that these people are PEOPLE with lives and histories and intricacies long before they become politicians.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Miss Britt on 19th March 2008