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What I Hope America Hears In Obama's Speech Today

Yes we can!

by caramelsugarberry38  |  3800 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

Would I condemn my father by God's word because it said homosexuality is an abomination and that homosexuals would burn in hell? Would I condemn Rev. Wright because of his remarks about America and racism, and disown Barack Obama? I say...Hell no! Because Christ also charged us to forgive one another, as we are all sinner's saved by His grace. It also says, judge not lest you be judged.

So, being a person of character, charged with a higher calling on my life, I did what Christ asks of all of us as Christians and prayed for my father and Rev. Wright, asking God on both of their behalfs if God would recognize the loftier sacrifice they both made to improve life through unconditional love and compassion for "imperfect" human beings, and not judge either one of their human indiscretions (something we all have).

This is the definitive message sent forward by Barack Obama that I hope with audacity will join the races together after this Rev. Wright debacle. There is no one better suited to do that than Barack Obama. I should know, because he is made and cut from the same cloth as I am.

I can no more denounce Rev. Wright as I could my homosexual father ,who also made a mistake in his life, but more than made up for it by showing a sacrificial love for others. I want to move forward past these hard, painful issues towards a better America.

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  • This was wonderfully written, and a reminder that these people are PEOPLE with lives and histories and intricacies long before they become politicians.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Miss Britt on 19th March 2008