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Organizing Your Tax Paperwork Before April 15

Three tips for making tax time easier

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A little organizing now will help your paperwork headache later. It probably won’t do much for the aching in your wallet if you owe money. But at least you won’t be adding insult to injury.

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  • I used to toss receipts into a pretty box on top of the fridge, the idea being that I'd file them once a month. Nope. They stayed in the pretty, and increasingly dusty, box for months. Boo.

    This year, I've put a small desktop file holder on my desk. Every time I have a receipt, it goes into the appropriate file, and since it's right there in the dining room, not hidden in a filing cabinet in the basement, it takes about two seconds.

    Since I work from the home, a LOT of receipts are business-related. (Like utility bills, grocery bills, household maintenance...) The files are labelled not only with the category in question (food, memberships, craft, equipment), but also with the number indicating which line of the tax form they apply to.

    Much, much better. Now I just need to get new batteries for my calculator...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 20th March 2008