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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Manny

The positives and negatives of choosing a male caregiver

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When beginning the process of hiring a nanny to look after your children, many parents automatically plan to interview only female prospects.  Because of this assumption, a male nanny, more commonly known as a “manny,” must try twice as hard to prove his capability and trustworthiness simply because of his gender.  Females are seen as more perceptive and kind-hearted, two qualities that parents would like the caregiver  to possess.  As a parent, your primary goal should be to find the perfect sitter for you, your children, and your lifestyle, so why would you ignore so many possibilities by limiting your list of candidates to only female nannies?

Regardless of whom you choose to hire as a caregiver for your children, you must follow the same procedure: Interview each of your applicants, double-check their references, plan a play date that allows your children to get to know their potential sitter, and so on.  The issue to hire or not to hire a male nanny often comes down to individual preferences -- it may not be right for your family, but despite your final decision, you and your family will benefit by simply making it a possibility.  If you think that a manny might fit well with your children, consider the following list of pros and cons, and hopefully, your decision will be a bit easier.


Hiring a manny gives you the opportunity to provide your children with a consistent male role model -- a figure that may be missing in their lives.  For instance, if you’re a single mother, a manny would ensure that your children have a positive male influence in their day-to-day activities.  Children need a balance in their lives in terms of gender differences, and hiring the appropriate caregiver can easily enable you to give it to them.

Regardless of the current men in your children’s life, a manny will be a great alternative to an older brother figure for your children, particularly if you have a son.  Boys relate well to men and tend to take their instructions and guidance with less protest. 

Male nannies tend to use a more active approach to childcare.  Men are often stronger and faster than women, making them more inclined to take your kids on exciting adventures, to play rough with them, etc.  This benefit fills your children’s day up with fun, exhausting their energy by the time you return home.

Men are known as protectors, and kids are arguably safer with an adult male in the house than a teenage or adult female.


Fewer males pursue a career in childcare, which makes your job harder in terms of finding a manny who matches with your family and your needs.

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I work as an assistant at the Lillian Nanny Agency (, a firm in Nashville that matches nannies with local families. If you have any questions about finding a nanny or maintaining the relationship with your nanny, feel free to contact Heather Dubuque at

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