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Yes, I Have More than Half a Dozen Kids!

I use both hands to count my children -- and it's a good thing!

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Yes I have more than 1/2 dozen kids!

I have been blessed with seven children -- very blessed. This article may seem like a rant, but truly it isn't. I just thought I would enlighten those who are perplexed by the fact that they have to use both hands to count my children.

Here are a few questions to the questions/comments I frequently get:

1.) There are seven. You are not seeing things. No, none are twins or aliens.

2.) Four boys, three girls. Or four boys, two tomboys, one girl,

3.) They are 2, 9, 11, 15, 16, 17, and 18 years old. Depending on their moods, that could mean four toddlers, two preteens, and one teen.

4.) Forty is around the corner, thank you! Seven kids keeps you young. I should of planned better; 13 kids would of put me back into puberty!

5.) Yes, they are all mine. Why, do you want to borrow one?

6.) Yes, they all have the same father. Johnny Depp is never around.

7.) Of course it's hard; you have to feed them, and they talk and stuff.

8.) No, we aren't rich, or on welfare; we recieve funding from a secret society for familes with seven kids.

9.) No, we don't sacrifice much of anything, except sanity (of course that's saying we had it to begin with).

10.) Only two of them share a room, the rest we keep in the pole barn.

11.) My all time favorite, I got this one at a women's conference: Would you do it again? Are you kidding me? All the nights of lost sleep, diaper after diaper, getting back to a size 4 only to have to dig out those maternity pants again, labor, c-sections, teething, tantrums, puberty, teenagers, would I do it again? Of course I would!

We chose to have a large family, and we love each and every one of our children with all our hearts. Next time you meet one of "us moms" (moms with so many kids we get our own zip code, yeah they do that) smile and congratulate us, we love to get compliments.

Seriously I love, love to talk and brag about my kids to anyone at anytime, for the most part people are very polite and kind.

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  • I too ask questions when I meet people that just blow me away, I love your answers! LOL! It looks like you have found the Fountain of Youth, you look great! I read your other articles and notes, I look forward to hearing how your son is doing in the Army. I have to take a look at your site. Thanks for the laugh.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Tonya on 31st March 2008

  • I have 12 siblings, I felt so bad for my parents at other people comments, one time at a restaurant in Chicago the Host looked at all of us and then told my father "We don't offer a group discount". ( We didn't want any such thing) My Dad just smiled and politely replied "Thats ok by the smell of things you don't offer good food either" We went to another restaurant. It seemed there was always someone that would make some stupid comment. I like your attitude, it's like my parents, you just seem to laugh and keep going. I loved growing up in a large, no huge family!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mommytohunter on 31st March 2008

  • Holly you crack me up! I am going to print this out I will change 7 kids to 8, I am then going to staple this to my forehead next time I go anywhere with the kids, my all time favorite EEK moment was a woman in Target was in line with me and commented about the kids and the number of them, she informed me that if birth control was the problem planned parenthood would give me free birth control. OMG!!! I almost passed out.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by momofmany on 31st March 2008

  • wow, if I meet you say in walmart I wouldn't be able to help myself, I would be like "YOU HAVE 7 KIDS"!!!! sorry but 4 drive me to my witts end, more power to you sister.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Beth on 31st March 2008

  • Jonny Depp never calls me either!! Funny, I'm can only imagine how some people act when they first meet you and your 7, I'm sure I would be one of those with a look of shock, I don't know how you do it but you look great and your kids look happy!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Armywife on 31st March 2008