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Will I Ever Get Back into a Bikini after the Baby?

And I'm so tired... how will I find time?

by Lindsay Brin  |  9806 views  |  3 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Believe it or not, there are moms who are more fit after having a baby than they were before! Yes, it’s true. Your body works so hard during pregnancy that it benefits postpartum. I always tell moms you were pregnant for nine months so you must give yourself nine months to get your pre-baby body back. Set a goal for yourself: 9 months if you gained the recommended amount of weight and 9-15 months if you gained more than the recommended amount.

After birth your uterus (which is a muscle) returns to normal size within a few months. Slowly, everything will fall back into place and what you are left with is loose muscles. So kick up your core routine a notch!  You must use your transverse abdominus (the deep abdominal wall) to pull in your abs tight.  You do this by “sucking in” but not holding your breath.  (You can find a YouTube video about using your transverse abs here.)

And, of course, you also may be left with loose skin, stretch marks, or cellulite. No creams can penetrate the skin deep enough to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks. Only exercise can improve cellulite! And weight loss will help those stretch marks. But I should mention good genetics play a large part here as well. As for the loose skin, your genetics, age, and skin elasticity will determine how quickly (or not so quickly) it will tighten up again.

Bring tired is a problem, but one you can overcome. Even if you're so tired some mornings that you feel like you're not getting 100 percent out of the workout. Even when you feel too tired to cook dinner.

First and foremost: Being a mom is not easy.  Every mom has their good days, bad days, more-tired days and more-energetic days.  Each mom needs to find a balance that works for herself and her family.

It is recommended that everybody does 30 or more minutes of exercise every day of the week.  I find that this is somewhat difficult for most moms.  You can easily lose those 10 pounds without committing to seven days a week. 

By exercising at least four times a week and watching your nutrition, you can lose 10 pounds in one to two months.  Start a food journal, plan your meals (and cook them) for the week on Sundays, and schedule your workout like you would schedule a meeting.  Make sure your workout includes interval training -- both cardio and toning!  This is the quickest, most effective fat-burning workout.   And if you can give 100 percent in a 20-minute interval workout you will probably burn the same amount of calories as giving 50 percent in an hourlong workout.  For example you could spend 45 minutes on the treadmill going the same speed and burn 250 calories , or spend 25 minutes on the treadmill doing intervals and burn 300 calories.

About the Author

Lindsay Brin formed Moms Into Fitness in 2005 and produces fitness DVDs for moms. She is a nationally recognized pre/post natal specialist who is known for her core training technique using the transverse abdominus and pelvic floor. Email her at

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  • Like Genisis, I also had two babies back-to-back but my body is in better shape and smaller than it was when I got pregnant the first time. I was overweight when I got pg and after both births I came out weighing less w/in two weeks than I was when I started. Now I've just got to get rid of the rest of it ;) (she says 22 months later...).

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 31st March 2008

  • Excellent article. I had two back to back babies, so my body is really messed up. I´m trying to get back in shape though and articles like this really help me feel better about taking it slower than before I had kids.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 30th March 2008

  • Now you've got me motivated.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 28th March 2008