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My Ah-Ha Moment!

A wise person once said, "His need to win drains him of power"

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I've been looking for another career to throw myself into once my littlest one's head to school and I realized something. Whatever I decide to do "Is enough" because "I am enough." Whatever I choose to do I need to slow down and pace myself enough because all you ever have is the power of the moment, today, right now -- not tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Just right now and each "right now" moment leads to the next one and the next one. Without reaching for it -- it's already there waitng for you.

I've officially pulled myself out of the rat race, and look ahead to my new career path with my new philosophy -- at my own pace!

My "Ah-ha" moment felt like birthing another baby: Wonderfully painful, exhausting, but beautiful when it was all over. All my failures (or what I thought were failures in my life) were teaching moments given to me by a gift called "The Present." All I had to do was live in the present and the future would take care of itself.


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  • Wow - thank you for sharing your "aha" moment.

    I especially relate to your realization that "I am enough". Recently I've been trying on "Everyone else is enough" as a way to ease up on the sense of urgency I can feel when I deal with people in my life. I instantly relax and focus on the present when I think about how I'm enough and so is everyone else.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Heather Mundell on 1st April 2008

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