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Change Your Underwear, Change Your Mood

Colors can affect your energy levels, mood, and emotions

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Don’t take my word for it, though -- experiment for yourself. Notice how different you feel wearing blue or orange or even red undies or any item of clothing.

You can use color in your life in other ways, too.

1.) Color your wallet for wealth: Years ago, after listening to a color therapist, a group of my girlfriends all switched to green wallets. Green represents growth, abundance, and prosperity. It is the color most often associated with money. In Feng Shui, green relates to the wood energy, which is associated with wealth. You might also like to read the Tao of a full happy wallet if you are keen to boost your money vibes. 

2.) Lose weight with color. Research has shown that blue is the color most likely to suppress your appetite. A blue light in your fridge may be just the trick you need. Blue is not a color you think of when you imagine food. Nature does not offer many blue foods (except for a few, such as blueberries). Red will stimulate your appetite and encourage fast eating. Notice how many take-out restaurants have red signs or decor.

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