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To Schedule or Not to Schedule that is the question....

Over-scheduling kids

by Trish K  |  907 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

It is now early August and there was a certain crispness in the air as I was driving home from work that made me long for fall. It's rare for August to be anything but muggy this time of year in New England. By the end of the week we will be back in the "dog days" of summer, so the dry air was truly refreshing...

Which brings me to my next problem. Along with the thoughts of fall and back to school is the inevitable over-scheduling of the children. Every year I say I am not going to do it, but I somehow find myself lured by a new gymnastics studio, soccer balls, hot pink hockey gloves and I think "Am I depriving the world of the next (insert sport/activity here) star???


It's not just me. As I was sitting at the hair salon getting my grays covered, my hairdresser asked the oh-so-popular question to break the ice: "So what are the girls doing in the fall?" I always want to answer, "Analytical geometry and yours?" So it is truly on everyone's minds at all times. For the first time in a long time I said, "Well, Cat will be doing soccer and I actually don't have anything lined up for Cal...."

I immediately started back tracking, by saying, "Well I plan on signing Cal up for gymnastics or, or swimming or both, well and if Cal does swimming, I will sign up Cat as well..."

What am I doing? Am I crazy?

The women sitting next to me immediately piped in about the latest greatest dance academy, kids-gym and music class...(Gee I haven't even thought of music). There is a whole new way I can torture the girls and kill our free time (and wallet)...MUSIC, what about ART, what about DRAMA....

We are all somewhat guilty is what I have learned.....


I did see the cutest hot pink Lacrosse stick on line. Anyone want the url? Maybe I can coach?

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  • Here's a different way of looking at it, which I learned from my aunt (she's not much older than me and our kids are close in age). Activities are good, yes, but so is downtime. Instead of seeing limiting your kids' activities as them *losing out* on something, you can decide that you are GIVING them something: free, unstructured me-time. Who doesn't want more of that??

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 17th August 2007

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