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Banish the Bad Mood Mama!

15 ways to rediscover the calm, effective Mama within

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1.) Breathe. The nuclear weapon to send Bad Mood Mama back to Bitchland: Slow, deep breaths that fill the belly with air. Remember to breathe before you react. Breathing fully allows you to step back and respond from a place of wisdom.

2.) Move. Do yoga, take a walk, go to the gym, trn on the radio and rock on!

3.) Alone time. Alone, even if it means turning on the TV for the kids and locking yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes each day or handing the kids to Dad and going for a 10-minute walk. Trade with another mom. Find the time!

4.) Say no to projects that you are not passionate about. No to "should." No to guilt.

5.) Say yes to help, to pampering. Say yes to dreams.

6.) Couple time. Make time for it and enjoy it every day. No honey? Hang out with a friend.

7.) Creative expression. Art, journal, sing, indulge in outside interests.

8.) Be grateful and see the positive.

9.) Relax. You need it, you deserve it. Your kids need you to relax so you have the energy to focus loving attention on them. Your honey needs you to relax in order for you to be a whole, sexy, fun woman.

10.) Sleep. Create a sleep schedule that fits you and leaves you feeling well rested.

11.) Take care of your spirit. Explore your connection to a higher power. Discover your path, even if it's out of the mainstream.

12.) Be mindful. At least once a day, tune in to what you are doing and savor the experience. A good time to practice mindfulness is when you are eating or having a cup of coffee. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.

13.) Nourish your body with healthy whole foods that give you energy and vitality.

14.) Be yourself. You're amazing!

15.) Accept yourself as perfect, whole, and complete -- Perfect in your imperfections.

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