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5 Ways to Move Your Business Forward When You're Feeling Stuck

Stay focused instead of getting down

by Nataly  |  10702 views  |  8 comments  |        Rate this now! 

5. Make a list of three things that have worked for you in terms of growing your business.

Did you run a successful marketing campaign? Did one of your products generate a ton of buzz? Did a certain event or contact bring in lots of new clients? Identify three things that have worked great and commit to finding a way to do each one in the next 30 days. Setting a timeline is key because it keeps you focused.

Do you have tips and ideas for what to do when your business is stuck and not growing as you'd like? Share in the comments -- we can all learn from each other!




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I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom!, a freshly minted entrepreneur, and an amateur writer.

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8 comments so far...

  • Thank you soooo much, this is what i needed. Planing to go to Project ( Tradeshow in Las Vegas)
    to show my Handbag line.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cindy Gellersen Designer of Bagstil Handbags on 14th June 2010

  • Hey Nataly

    Great suggestions. Made me think of 2 things I haven't done in a long time and 1 that I've never tried before. It's so easy to get stuck in the same pattern especially if your work from home most of the time. Thanks for the motivation.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Monica Neave on 9th April 2010

  • This is a great article and a wonderful motivation for many of us. Thanks for taking the time to share!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jaydensmommy827 on 8th January 2009

  • That is exactly what I am feeling now, stuck at the same place, questioning prospect and future of my business.Thanks for your great advise.I should try it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by happymom on 16th October 2008

  • Thanks this advise is sure going to come in handy for me since I'm just starting on my home Business. Please if you have any advise for someone like me i'll be glad to hear it. Any input is welcome
    Thank You
    Jessica Puente

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jdpuente on 22nd May 2008

  • Great tips!

    I am currently writing a book about relationships, exploring diff't work from home business oppt's, and exploring diff't career options as I'm attempting to re-define myself.

    I completely appreciate reading tips like this as they keep me up to date with the direction businesses are going in what techniques are needed to stay current and grow one' s business in the technology age.

    Very necessary. Keep it coming

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by caramelsugarberry38 on 9th April 2008

  • Nataly - I can definitely relate to that discouraged feeling! That is a great list and one that I will be printing out, highlighting and hanging at my desk! Thanks!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BlapherMJ on 9th April 2008

  • Thanks for the great tips!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Elena on 9th April 2008