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9 Hints to Help with Your Job Hunt

These tips could make a difference!

by Miriam Salpeter-Keppie Careers  |  3001 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

Try these tips to get your job hunt moving in the right direction:

1.) Talk to people you do NOT think can help you. Just because someone isn't in your field doesn't mean they don't have useful information for you. (Or you for them.) Our lives intersect in so many points. Think of someone you consider least likely to be able to share good information with you for your search. Meet for coffee. You may be surprised!

2.) Network generously. Think how you can help others instead of what they may offer you.

3.) Optimize your online presence, but don't waste time zapping a lot of resumes to ads on large job boards. The possibilities to connect are endless: Blogs, networking sites such as LinkedIn, large and small social networks provide opportunities to "meet" professionals from every industry, and more.

4.) Customize your resume for EVERY job. It is worth your time. If you want to get your foot in the door, your resume must clearly outline how your skills and accomplishments solve a problem for the employer. It is your job to offer clear reasons to interview you.

5.) Evaluate your interviewing skills. Are you selling yourself? Your resume got you in the door, the interview is your chance to show the employer that you really have what it takes to join their team.

6.) Vet your references. They have the potential to seal the deal for you. Do you know what they might say?

7.) Appearance matters. Cut your hair. Shine your shoes. Invest in a nice suit.

8.) Don't let your job hunt consume you. Frequent exercise, support or networking groups and chocolate can be good stress relievers! Don't spend every minute on your job hunt. You still need to have a life! Plus, you never know - it could be someone you meet on a trip to the grocery store or a seatmate on an airplane while on vacation who winds up linking you to your next job!

9.) Consider hiring a career coach. Would you set your own broken bone? Wire your own home for electricity? Do you cut your own hair? Most would say "no." If it is important (involving our health, safety or appearance), we hire an expert. The same standard should apply when job seeking. Your career is one of your most crucial financial investments.

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Miriam Salpeter is a career coach and resume writer ( offering practical tips, encouragement and clarity about the job search. Visit her blog:

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