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Interviewing To Get the Job

Preparation and competence will help you get the job

by Miriam Salpeter-Keppie Careers  |  2945 views  |  0 comments  |        Rate this now! 

There are many things to consider as you prepare for an interview. The most important thing is to remember that the interview is another opportunity for you to SELL YOURSELF! Your resume got you in the door, the interview is your chance to show the employer that you really have what it takes to join their team.

1.) Conduct a thorough self-assessment. Review your education, experience, interests, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and values.

2.) Study your resume. Be able to support everything with specific examples, as you will be asked to elaborate on some of them during the interview.

3.) Analyze the position for which you will be interviewing. Be able to describe how you will fit in and be able to contribute to the organization. Think about how the job will enable you to reach your professional goals and what you have to offer!

4.) Research the organization. Leave no stone unturned. Learn as much as you can about the organization’s culture and values, as well as specifics such as size, products and services. Hopefully, you have done some informational interviews before you were offered the job interview. Speaking with employees of the company and people in the same profession is invaluable preparation for job interviews.

5.) Know how your experience, education and interests relate to the position and anticipate possible questions. This knowledge will allow you to answer why, when and where questions, and reflect your self-confidence and your ability to communicate and relate to others effectively.

6.) Practice interviewing. Talk to people in the field, and even your friends. Discuss techniques and practice in front of a professional. If possible, arrange a mock interview.

7.) Acknowledge all preliminary correspondence promptly. This includes verifying the specifics of your interview including date, time, place, individuals conducting the interview, and an itinerary. Don’t assume an out-of-town interview will be over the phone when the employer expects to see you in person!

8.) Clarify who will bear the costs of necessary transportation, meals, and overnight lodging, if applicable. Find out what receipts you will need to provide and who will make the arrangements.

Remember: If you appear prepared and competent in your interview, you will be perceived to be a prepared and competent employee. The reverse is true as well!

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