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Can You Put Pregnancy on Your Resume?

The 9 lessons you learned from pregnancy that can help you land your dream job

by Julia Roberts  |  8064 views  |  0 comments  |        Rate this now! 

8.) Keep your eyes on the prize. Establish your plan by identifying baby steps -- and reach your goal.

9.) Nothing can stop you in the homestretch. Create pressure, take risks. Once you see it and believe it, you’re unstoppable. Sometimes you have to push.

I found that once my youngest child turned 3, I could breathe. I looked up and started thinking about my career, my goals, my SELF for a change. Even though I was a working mom all along, I wasn’t nurturing my career during my childbearing years. I was just getting through -- earning a living, keeping job, home, and health whole. I toyed with the idea of a fourth child, but found what I really wanted was a fourth pregnancy. I know -- who would want a pregnancy without the promise of a child? How about an Unpregnancy with the promise of your brain-child or nine months, nine lessons to a new you?

Time to put yourself back on your own list of things to do ... a mom is a terrible thing to waste.

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Author, Life Coach and Professional Speaker, Julia Roberts blogs at Her book "Motherhood to Otherhood," is out in bookstores this month and makes a great Mother's Day gift for yourself and other moms you know.

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