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Take an Extra Step Before You Scrapbook

Use digital storage to keep your memories safe

by Annette Yen  |  2723 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Many scrapbook instructors encourage their clients to start scrapbooking from the current pictures and move backward in time, so the task doesn't seem so overwhelming.  for digitizing your photos, though, I'd like to suggest for a project like this that you start from the beginning -- your oldest paper photos -- and move forward.  Take 15 minutes once a month and work through 20, 50, or even 100 pictures, turning them into digital imagines and archiving them.  Imagine the joy you'll have as you remember old times, old friends and fun memories. 

Take the time to save your photos.  Your children's great-grandchildren will be glad you did.

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Annette Yen loves photography and sharing her family memories. Visit her website to sign up for a free photo account and find out more about storing your photos digitally.

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2 comments so far...

  • Great points Mary - thanks! And that's why I titled the article "...before you scrapbook". I still think it's important to do something with the actual photos - even if they stay organized in a photo safe box somewhere. But keep them safe!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Annette Yen on 25th April 2008

  • Good article. Photos and digital together will perserve your memories a long, long time. I have a friend who is an archival librarian. Her tip on photographs?

    All photographs should have digital backups, but remember: technology changes very quickly. It is almost a sure thing that your children's great-grandchildren will not be able to see the pictures stored on a disk, any more than most of us can play vinyl records any more. (And vinyl was still current technology only 20 years ago!)

    So, though digital storing is important, you'll have to update the technology regularly.

    And you should always keep the original photographs. The technology will change, but you can always look at a photograph.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 24th April 2008