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Working Moms: Make MySpace Work for You

The social-networking site can be great for home-based businesses

by Patricia Kagwiria Makhulo  |  3847 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

All too often, work-at-home moms, stay-at-home moms, and internet-marketing moms think that if they just have the perfect products, company, and compensation plan, theirs is the winning program on the market. And it very well may be.

But... How many times have you been told that a company could produce thousands of hits to your site? Or how often have you seen the ads professing a flood of traffic to your website for free? Upon utilizing these services, not much happened, right? Yep, lots of useless traffic -- but not much in the way of sales. Sadly, these companies are often a waste of time, and there are huge industries built on taking advantage of the traffic-hungry website owner!

Everyone knows MLM/network marketing, home-based businesses, direct sales, and internet affiliate marketing businsses are about marketing and lead generation for massive (online) success. Network marketing success thrives on free MLM leads and profits. MySpace is perfect place to build your home business and thrive in your opportunity training. It is a veritable MLM goldmine!

MySpace is the Leviathan, the global behemoth of Internet sites right now. For the longest while, MySpace had little relevance to the US population older than 30. However, that is a thing of the past! MySpace is fast becoming the hub (no pun) of internet marketers, affiliate internet marketers, home-based business people, and work-at-home moms. Currently, MySpace boasts a population of more than 300 million users; its market presence and popularity cannot be denied. has ranked them third in terms of traffic, in the United States. (Google is first, followed by Yahoo, but the traffic for MySpace and Facebook combined currently outranks Google!) MySpace is ranked sixth globally for an English language site.

According to an October 2007 article by Web Pro News, "Datamonitor predicts that social networking sites will level off around the world in the year 2012....They're expected to reach 230 million at the end of 2007." The revenue projection in 2012 is $2.4 billion, compared to just $965 million currently.

Here are the facts: There are currently 1.6 billion Internet users and, of these, 36 million are looking to make money online. Every 2.2 seconds, a new person gets on the Internet for the first time, and every 11.6 seconds a brand-new person starts a home-based business online.

If leads are the lifeline of your business, why then would you leave it to others? If there was ever a need for a hands-on approach, it's now, with learning the art of traffic generation. This is your bread and butter.

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Patricia Kagwiria Makhulo went from $3/month to creating a substantial income in the internet marketing industry within a matter of months by implementing the strategies she shares. Her accomplishments serve as an example of what the right training, knowledge and persistence hold in store for those who dare venture to pursue and live their dreams. Patricia K. Makhulo (503) 454-0940 (

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