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Struggling with Weight Loss? It May Be All In Your Head

How your thinking style affects weight loss

by Meri Raffetto RD, LDN  |  4839 views  |  8 comments  |        Rate this now! 

"D" quadrant- This group is very visual and enjoys taking risks and trying new things. They get bored easily.

Solution: This group would likely benefit from a non diet approach using visual examples of meal preparation opposed to following a rigid plan. They will likely get tired of following a meal plan or eating in a strict way.

All individuals can also practice being a "B" thinker by challenging yourself to do activities in a planned way such as following a recipe exactly the way it is written or organize your cds and dvds in alphabetical order. This type of practice gets you more into a "B" way of processing.

Learning your style may be the first step to reaching long term success. Another interesting thing that Treitler had found in her observations is that all successful long term losers had found a coach, mentor, or guide during their process. During this time, they all had undergone some sort of major life transformation. They stepped away from their old lifestyle and into a new one letting go of all their old hang ups around food.

They also incorporated some sort of meditative practice into their lives such as walking or yoga. This self time seems to be an important link to help people let go some of the behaviors that aren't serving them anymore.

Take Away Points:

  • When approaching weight loss, first figure out how you solve problems. Are you an "A", "B", "C", or "D". To learn more about HBDI, click here.
  • Find a coach or guide to help you through a process that will work for you instead of trying to follow the diet of the week.
  • Be patient with yourself as you let go of old behaviors and embrace new ones that support your weight loss goals. We can all achieve any goals as long as we have the right tools in front of us!
  • Start incorporating some quiet, meditative time in the form of formal meditation, walking, or yoga.
  • Think about the behaviors you want to leave behind and the new behaviors you want to take their place.

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Meri Raffetto is a Registered Dietitian, and a columnist for Work It, Mom! and the founder of Real Living Nutrition Services, an online weight loss program that empowers people to make small changes s

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8 comments so far...

  • hello buddy how are you dear i read your comment it's great i like it dear i learn alot of things from your comment i hope everyone likes your post dear thanx for this information.


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    Flag as inappropriate Posted by willkarty on 9th August 2009

  • Great article Meri! Thinking is definitely part of weight loss and life balance! I just submitted an article titled "Life is a Balancing Act: Learn how to enjoy it". Great reading the "C" group!:)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Rosanne Rust on 30th August 2007

  • Good point Annemarie- I will look forward to the next round of research to see what comes next.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Meri Raffetto RD, LDN on 28th August 2007

  • Thanks for sharing this Meri! This is super. Hemispheric dominance research has been fascinating but hasn't been able to account fully for the variables in dominance expression. Using a 4-quadrant model might help to better account for the mixed results. Our minds are if each mind is a universe of it's own! Aren't we wonderful :)


    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 24th August 2007

  • I spoke with the researcher and they are discussing coming up with a quick screen to see which category a person falls under. It is possilble to fall under many. The screening tools they used are elaborate and you can find information at:

    This is fairly new research and they would like to do another study to see if they can replicate the results. If you resonate with two quadrants then you may benefit from a mix of approaches such as counting calories while getting coaching, etc. I will keep everyone posted if they do come up with a screen.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Meri Raffetto RD, LDN on 23rd August 2007

  • Is there a test one can take to figure out which group you're part of? I feel that I might know, but I am not sure - that would be a great tool!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 23rd August 2007

  • Very interesting. I am for sure "B"!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 23rd August 2007

  • Interesting, and very helpful information, especially if you have a fairly good idea which quadrant you're in. I'm going to send this to a friend who is in a rough patch with the weight-loss program she's on.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 22nd August 2007