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Finding Your Career Passion

Tips for getting in touch with what you really care about.

by Heather Mundell  |  2690 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

3.) Get out of town. You need to take your vacation time. Don't be one of those people who "can't possibly" be away from the office for even a couple of days.

Leave town and stop thinking about your job. Get into nature, and if nature's not your thing, go to a museum. When your mind gets a break from being entirely consumed with your current job, it's free to do some wandering. Let it.

4.) Create something. It doesn't need to be good, and you don't have to show anyone. Paint, sculpt, play music, dance, write a play, decorate a room. This is about experiencing creativity as a process, rather than critiquing a final product.

5. )Write. Write for 10 minutes each day about anything.

6.) Meet somebody new. Connecting with new people can be inspiring. We learn new things when we're around new people. Don't stress about how you'll meet somebody new, simply be open to it.

Tapping into what you really care about is not a process that you force. You don't get to choose exactly when inspiration will come or in what form it will occur to you. This can be frustrating for those of us who have allowed ourselves 36 hours to come up with our New Path.

There may or may not be one thing that pops up as the certain "Ah ha! Now I know what my whole life has been preparing me for!"

But if you allow yourself to pursue career passion as a possibility, you'll run into something pretty good. And if you see something pretty good, go for it!

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2 comments so far...

  • Pursuing career passion...I'm in a passionate career right now, and current legislation is sucking the passion right out of it. I love my work, but my job is changing for the worse.
    Thanks for the suggestions. If I don't move on, these could help rejuvenate my situation.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Daisy on 2nd May 2008

  • #6 is so important, in my opinion -- meeting new people can be inspiring but it also opens up some concrete new opportunities. Thanks for the great tips.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 29th April 2008