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Love Vs Hate WAHM

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I have always wanted to be a work from home mom to spend more time with my family. But like anything in life it has both pros and cons. It really just depends on the day.

What I love about being a WAHM

1. Being with my daughter from the time she wakes up till bed time. I never miss out on any firsts in her life.

2. Flexible schedule.

3. Taking a lunch break with my daughter and husband. And doing so when I want to and not rushing to be back a certain time

4. Setting a good example for my daughter that you can have it all…family, career and happiness.

5. Not wasting 10 hours a week sitting in rush hour traffic.

6. Wear PJ’s to the office…only sometimes

7. Not having to pay for daycare.

8. Not having to worry about my daughter being at a day care center all day. Worrying if she ate, napped, fell down, ETC.

9. Running personal and business errands during the work day.

What I hate about being a WAHM

1. Working at 1 am because I didn’t finish the day's tasks because someone is crying, sick or what ever that particular day brings.

2. No boundaries. My husband is always coming in the office asking “what’s for dinner”.

3. My daughter banging on the office door crying “ma ma”.

4. People who think you have nothing to do all day because you don’t work in a conventional office setting. People who call you asking for favors like you have nothing else to do but be at their beck and call.

5. I never get to leave the office!!!!!!

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  • Oh my gosh!! Reading the things you hate about being a WAHM I felt as though I wrote those. I feel the same way! I hate it when people think that I don't work because I stay at home with my kids and I really hate it when people say, I would love to be able to stay at home all day and sleep whenever I want and do whatever I want.When was the last time I actually go to do something that I wanted to do, and actually got to sit on the couch and watch what I wanted to and especially sleep when I want to!!

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  • I'm expecting my first child in December and kinda new at this work-from-home thing, so....I was wondering if there was anyone out there that could suggest where I could get started, maybe a website to look at. All the sites make it sound so easy to make money so I wanted advice from someone who's been in my shoes and has seen success from working from home. I would really appreciate any help.

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  • My husband has always had a phrase "It is all in what you make it" I used to get frustrated by the boundary issues until I realized that you CAN do something about it.

    If you have selfish people that are calling you during the day - don't answer! Let it go to voice mail. I have a home phone and a business phone. During the day, I do not answer the home phone. The business line is only given for business purposes. I have also had conversations with those that were abusive and expressed my displeasure that they did not take my work seriously. I don't get those calls anymore.

    Working from home is not going to change motherly duties. If someone is sick in my home, I take a personal day, just like when I was in a more traditional job. No guilt. Family s #1. It is my choice when I get caught up.

    My husband stopped interrupting me when I started calling his office and interrupting his day. When he complained, I calmly stated that since he interrupted me, I thought it was ok to interrupt him. No more problems! (of course that WAS a longer conversation.)

    Setting boundaries with everyone is really important. YOU are important and not having boundaries will just wear you down.

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  • I've recently moved to WAHM and I can relate to pretty much everything you have stated. I find myself working till 11 at night trying to make up things I missed during the day. I also answer emails when I should be off the clock. I have trained myself to not answer the phone past 5 or I would be working 24/7. I do enjoy the perks though. Nothing says relaxed like working in your jammies.

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  • I agree with Megan, you can't escape the work - it's is always there.

    Another downside for me is that on the occasions when one of the children is sick it is automatically me that lets work go to do the caring. My daughter had an ear infection last week and I had to reschedule a business appointment and put a pile of work on hold to look after her. It used to be that my husband or myself would take time off work to look after a sick child but now it's easier for me to do it because I don't have a boss to call and explain that I need a carer's day. While one of the reasons I work from home now is to be there for my children more, and I am SO grateful to be able to do that, I still faced a similar dilemma as when I worked outside the home.

    But I wouldn't change it. :-)

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  • Great article. I've spent the past year and a half being a WAHM working at a small entrepreneuriel company and agree with all of your points. Having kids that are older (10,8,4) I need full time child care in order to avoid the 3 million interuptions throughout the day. My in house babysitter also manages my household (laundry, cleaning) which is helpful when I'm stressed and trying to keep it all together.

    The biggest positive for me was having my sons stop in my office after they got off the bus for a quick hug or having lunch with my daughter after she gets home from pre-school.

    The biggest challenge is feeling like I'm always surrounded by work. I started getting a little resentful when I would walk past my office on the weekend and realize I forgot to take care of X,Y and Z. So to your point, not leaving the office can be quite a challenge. I'm in sales so I do have the good fortune of going out on sales calls and traveling a bit which is quite a treat when you are a WAHM.

    One last amazing pro - not having to commute in extreme weather (snow, sleat, hail, rain, heat). On those snowy days in February I remember looking out my home office window with complete gratitude.

    Thanks again.


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