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In Focus: Indulge Yourself

5 tips for healthy indulgences

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We know how busy you are. So once a month we'll pick one topic to highlight and offer some tips and ideas for you to explore. We hope that these In Focus features will help you get organized, find new resources, and make your work-life juggling act go a bit more smoothly. This month, Work It, Mom! focuses on you, with ideas for healthy indulgences that bring relaxation to a whole new level.

1.) Heavenly confections. Chocolate is divine, of course, what with those awesome antioxidant properties and all. But rich, buttery toffee drenched in chocolate? Heaven. The best we've ever tasted was from Enstrom's -- coated in crushed almonds, enrobed in milk or dark chocolate, it's worth making up a reason to order a tin. Are you a chocolate purist? They have a fine selection of toffee-free chocolates as well.

2.) Put on a fabulous face. A good concealer does wonders for your look -- and your mood. You can look up the level of toxicity in thousands of brands of makeup at the Skin Deep Cosmetics Safety Database, and decide for yourself whether to go organic or stick with your tried-and-true.

3.) Get away from it all. Sometimes, the best way to recharge your batteries is to go away for a while. But if the thought of planning a vacation just adds to your stress levels, the folks at NileGuide have got you covered. The newly launched site offers a free travel-planning service that allows you to search for destinations and events, plan your itinerary, and even print out your own customized guidebook.

4.) Write it all down. There's that wonderful feeling of a fine pen scrolling across beautiful paper, of course, but journaling has many other benefits as well. Did you know that writing out your thoughts can help you reduce asthma and arthritis, improve cognitive functioning, and help your immune system? If you're not a pen-and-paper kind of gal and don't feel like establishing a blog, Work It, Mom! makes it easy for you to record your thoughts with Members Notes and the My Day module.

5.) Just breathe. Breathing deeply can boost your health and reduce your stress levels, but you have to do it properly, says breathing expert and book author Nancy Zi. "When you inhale, imagine a blossom opening within your abdomen; when you exhale, the blossom closes. You open from the center of the blossom, the core," she says. "What causes the petals to open is the energy from the core; the more you breathe from the core, the more you stimulate and nourish its energy, and you become more in control."

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